Sharing a table and a meal is a time-honored way to connect with friends, bond with family, and make happy memories that you can treasure forever. The demands on your time, however, can make prepping and cooking an elaborate meal by yourself virtually impossible. With the pandemic dragging ever onward, hosting a dinner party in your favorite restaurant isn’t really an option, either. 

Why not bring the meal to your door, instead? 

That’s the inspired idea that led personal chef Curtis Linton to found Curious Table. Designed to meet the needs of foodies in Salt Lake City and beyond, Curious Table puts the experience of having a personal chef at your disposal, with hot, ready dinners delivered right to your door.

Chef-Made Creations, Complete With a Story

Gourmet food delivery services aren’t new, but Curious Table aims to level-up the experience in new ways. Meals are inspired by worldwide travel and cuisine and every delivery comes with a story to share with your guests that will help them appreciate the artistry, history, and delicacy of each dish — without actually having to host a personal chef in your home.

“Our goal,” says Chef Linton, “Is to provide consistency and something to look forward to in a time where being a parent, teacher, and professional is just too much to handle.” They’re happy to handle all the meal planning and cooking on your behalf.

Meal Delivery, Designed for Modern Life

Curious Table goes above and beyond to distinguish itself from other gourmet delivery services. How so? 

  • They use seasonal, locally-sourced, organic ingredients as much as possible, so your options and experience is constantly fresh and evolving.
  • Their made-from-scratch meals are always freshly prepared right and custom-designed for each subscriber, which makes it easy to accommodate the carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and people on gluten-free diets in your crowd.
  • Every meal is delivered in high-quality dishes, so you aren’t contributing to environmental waste, but there’s no clean-up involved. You simply set the dirty dishes in the provided bag outside your door for retrieval.

Eating is done out of necessity, but fine dining is an art that is meant to be appreciated with others. Curious Table makes it easy to share your zest for life and your zeal for gourmet creations with those you love.

If Curious Table isn’t in your area yet, it will be. This is one company that’s poised to redefine how Americans do dinner.

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