Why Your Business is Losing Money Without an Up-to-Date Website

It’s hard to imagine modern businesses surviving without a website. Given the extensive reach and visibility that websites offer, having a business website is a no-brainer. When building or revamping your website, quality is paramount as a business owner. Outsourcing the web development process to a web development agency is a great idea. A website redesign is recommended every few years. […]

What to Consider When Buying an Existing Cannabis Company

Purchasing and operating a cannabis business comes with complexities, and legislations vary from one jurisdiction to another. Hiring a cannabis business attorney can lessen the effort. It also ensures the proper legal process. Here are some things to consider when purchasing an existing cannabis company. Involve a Cannabis Business Attorney Purchasing a cannabis business involves reviewing several things, including the […]

How Long Does it Take to Become a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are a specific group of specialists who attend to patients with joints and muscle pain. Many health issues are caused by problems related to the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Through chiropractic adjustments, your chiropractor will focus on both joint and tissue healing and mechanics and how it relates to your nervous system overall. Chiropractors can also create a personalized exercise […]

How do I do Out-of-State Commissions and Mainland Written Depositions?

Lawyers can acquire commissions for depositions out of state. They will need timely form submissions, well-written reports, and legal support services. Involving a deposition reporter will make a straightforward process of out-of-state commissions and mainland depositions. How a Deposition Reporter Facilitates Out-of-State Commissions/Depositions Commissions to take depositions in the state and out of state have many similarities. They come from […]

How Do I Convert My Landline Phone To VoIP

Are you a reseller or service provider looking to make the switch to a better phone system? When exploring your options, you’ll want the best digital tools that best help you improve your business workflows. That’s why you want to select VoIP phone distributors to help make the switch to VoIP an easy process. As they say at NTS Direct, “Hosted […]

Where Should You Place Access Points?

The world of business is evolving as quickly as technology is advancing. Voice and data technology solutions are vital to growing your business and serving your customers. A shaky internet connection can cause serious problems in a workday, and wireless access points are a great way to support your network. Read on to find out more about access points, where […]

Deliverance: Pivoting to Online Food Orders in 2020

Many restaurants neglected to implement online ordering until COVID-19 made it a necessity. Right now, online ordering is one of the safest ways a restaurant can serve customers because it involves little to no human contact. However, quickly switching to an online ordering system has been a challenge for many businesses. Forty-seven percent of restaurants find the transition to offering […]

How Your Branding & Web Development Team Work Together

In a brand design agency, the branding and web development team typically work closely together from the get-go. Both departments support each other in a way that helps companies build and publish better websites or applications. And that working relationship begins during research and ideation – where the web development team focuses on UX while branding determines how to best […]

Understanding the Importance of Our Powerful Predictors

Revelio Labs is a workforce intelligence software that absorbs millions of public employment records and standardizes the data. Standardization enables a universal HR database that organizations can use to understand workforce dynamics and trends. Here are some of the powerful and exciting predictors of Revelio Labs. Hiring & Attrition As older employees retire or resign, organizations need to replace those […]

Utilizing Workforce Intelligence for Hiring in Tech

Your tech business has a lot at stake, and it’s more important than ever to find good talent. More important, still, is keeping that talent after they’ve been hired so that you’re not wasting time or resources. This is where workforce intelligence can make a difference. Instead of being reactive to your company’s ever-changing workforce demands, you can be predictive. […]