In my experience, there are only two types of laundry rooms: either the clean, minimalist, organized laundry room where you can freshen up your wardrobe in the warmth of freshly scented clothes, the dump washer and dryer are under piles of dirty clothes.

Why even bother to keep an organized laundry room, dare you ask? 

Because a sense of organization can make doing the laundry easier, faster and far more enjoyable. I believe that anything that reduces stress is worth the effort. “A laundry room is like any other room in our home,” says organizational expert and certified KonMari Method consultant Patty Morrissey. “We spend time there, so it should be a joyful place to visit, even if, or especially if, doing laundry is not your favorite chore. It’s one workhorse of a room, and organizing the space will make the task of doing laundry simpler and hopefully more joyful.”

Have a shelf and storage bins for your supplies.

“Have a dedicated shelf for your supplies – detergent, dryer balls, stain remover,” says Morrissey. Avoid using the top of your laundry machine as the storage area. Use a storage container to keep the little supplies together on the shelf. And it’s not a bad idea to keep simple cleaning wipes on hand for those accidental drips of detergent, etcetera.

Have a hanging bar.

Keep in mind that the biggest mess in a laundry room is the clothes themselves. “You’ll need a hanging bar or hook to hang clothes you’re ironing or letting air-dry,” says Morrissey. It also saves time and keeps clothes wrinkle free by hanging them as they come out of the dryer, rather than dropping them in a bin to deal with later.

Keep a trash bin close by.

Because it’s mainly for discarding lint, I recommend a trash can with a lid and foot pedal. It doesn’t need to be large, just functional and cute. A trash can with a lid helps manage the dust and keeps things looking sharp, bright and clean.

The best kept secret…

Keep several storage bins in the laundry room marked for donations and items you’re selling, or things that belong to other people, or for dry cleaning, etcetera. Morrissey says, “This keeps the items out of your closet and out of your way until you have a chance to deal with them.”

A bin for donations and/or selling on an app is my favorite tip!

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