You’ve got the right degree, the necessary skills, and the requisite degree from a top-notch school. Now, all you have to do is land a job in the special chemicals division of your choice. Good thing we have some friends in the specialty chemical recruiters industry that are here today to discuss key tips for interviewing.

That means nailing the interview with your potential employer. That can seem especially daunting if you haven’t gone through the process before or it’s been a while since you had to look for a position. Things can seem even worse if you know that more than half of interviewers out there make up their mind about a candidate between five and fifteen minutes into the process.

Specialty Chemical Recruiters Answer: What Matters Most When You’re Preparing for an Interview in the Chemical Industry?

According to Wes Washington at Boaz Partners, “You need to sell yourself, not just your education and technical skills. Employers want to know that you’re the right fit for their company culture. They want to know they can work with you.” As specialty chemical recruiters, Boaz Partners has the right idea on what it takes to be hired to this competitive industry.

In other words: Your technical skills and education may win you an interview, but your people skills are what will ultimately land the job. 

How Can You Improve Your Chances of A Successful Job Interview?

The specialty chemical recruiters at Boaz Partners offer three main tips that can help you nail your next interview:

  1. Focus on Your Soft Skills: Sure, you must be able to discuss technical matters and use industry jargon competently. But you also need to show that you can tailor your communication style to your audience. Talk about situations where you worked directly with clients. Talk about situations where you collaborated with others to emphasize that you are comfortable working with a team. 
  2. Emphasize Your Flexibility: The specialty chemical industry is constantly evolving. You need to embrace a growth mindset and show that you’re adaptable. Be ready to discuss experiences in your past. Discuss where you had to adjust quickly to changes. Successfully embraced the unknown when faced with unexpected challenges or new duties.
  3. Show Your Enthusiasm: Go into the interview wearing your passion for the industry on your sleeve. Make sure that your body language is relaxed and open, and be frank about both your strengths and weaknesses. Demonstrate your interest in the position by asking questions that showcase your willingness to learn. Be genuine in all your responses to make a better personal connection with the interviewer.

Naturally, it helps to do your research on a company before your interview. You never want to walk into an interview unless you can articulate exactly why you’re excited about the possibility of working there.

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