You love the classic car that you have painstakingly restored. She’s your baby. You searched high and low for just the right restoration parts for classic cars in order for her to reclaim her former beauty and grace.

Now, the end is in sight. All you need to do to legally take her for a spin to the classic car show is get insurance coverage for your classic automobile. What do you need to know to get the coverage your car needs?

Treat It As the Investment It Is

Considering how much you have already spent on automotive repairs, bodywork, and hard-to-find restoration parts for classic cars, your restored classic car is a major investment. To underinsure it would be a huge mistake. 

After all, once you pull her out of the garage, anything could happen. A tree limb could fall on the newly painted exterior. As you enter the roadway, a car could careen recklessly around the corner and slam into your baby. You hate to even contemplate such devastating scenarios — and that’s why you need special auto insurance coverage for it.

Restored Cars Require Special Insurance

If your classic car is imported and has right-hand drive, it likely is uninsurable through traditional auto insurance policies. While that might strike fear into the hearts of every restored classic car owner and aficionado, rest assured that classic car buffs can indeed find special auto insurance to cover their classic cars.

Classic Car Insurance Differs from Typical Auto Insurance

One of the most welcome differences that you will encounter in your search for insurance for your classic car is that it’s quite likely that your premiums will be considerably lower for your restored classic car.

That’s because auto insurance companies know and understand the value your car has for you. As your prized possession and rumbling investment, you will be far more likely to treat your classic car with the kid gloves it deserves. You will drive it fewer miles and exercise greater caution when the rubber does meet the road.

That means that the risk to the insurance company is less than it would be for the car or truck that you drive each day to work or on errands. Lower premiums reflect that accordingly.

Policies of Valuation Differ, Too

Most car insurance companies pay out the stated or actual cash value of a vehicle when there is a major claim and the car gets totaled. But, by shopping around judiciously, you can find auto insurance companies that will guarantee you coverage on the agreed value of your car

This value takes into consideration the cost of restoration parts for classic cars, which can be pricey because as stated eloquently by the classic car restoration specialists at Andersen Restoration, there are “no shortcuts when it comes to quality.”

Get Ready to Showcase Your Restored Classic Car

Once you have secured sufficient insurance for your pride and joy, go ahead and take that baby for a spin! It’s what you’ve worked so hard for. Grab your best girl or guy and head off into the sunset for an adventure in your well-insured restored classic car or truck.

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