Revelio Labs is a workforce intelligence software that absorbs millions of public employment records and standardizes the data. Standardization enables a universal HR database that organizations can use to understand workforce dynamics and trends. Here are some of the powerful and exciting predictors of Revelio Labs.

Hiring & Attrition

As older employees retire or resign, organizations need to replace those people. At the same time, some attrition can be good for companies. With Revelio Labs, you can compare the attrition and hiring numbers of any company to make informed decisions.


Now you can predict company expenses. Usually, that would be tough because compensation data is rarely public for employees and contingent workers. However, the employment data at Revelio Labs leverages job postings and H1B Visa data to predict individual salaries in any given organization.

Adding up those salaries provides insight into a given company’s expenses. Revelio Labs found that 80 percent of the costs in many companies comprise of wages.

“Salary data is a strong leading indicator of expenses” – Revelio Labs, workforce intelligence software.


With Revelio Labs, you can predict the percentage of domestic to international or foreign employees in companies. For instance, the data shows that Facebook went from a 35% domestic workforce in 2016 to 51% in 2020. You can now see which companies are investing in the workforce domestically or otherwise.


Analyzing the competition is typically impossible since companies use different terminologies to describe things. Revelio Labs uses standardized language and taxonomies, making it possible to analyze the competition’s strengths and weaknesses. You can understand the workforce of organizations and that of competitors through meaningful insights.

Job Vulnerability

Organizations can predict which jobs are likely to become obsolete in the future to prepare for changes. The workforce intelligence software can also predict the impact of certain events on the job market.

For example, you can identify which companies are most at risk from the pandemic and what businesses ready. That is made possible by measuring exposure to the virus and adaptability to changing work conditions.

Company Transitions

You can use Revelio Labs to predict company transitions, such as shifting to a more remote workforce or offshoring talents. Similarly, the data can help predict things like a potential management buy-out or company sale.

Macro Trends

Macro trends are important indicators of long-term market opportunities. You can identify potential macro trends that can affect small and large industries. For example, climate change is a macro trend affecting industries in positive and negative ways. You can predict how climate change is affecting a particular company.

Gender & Ethnicity

Gender and ethnicity diversity ensure equal representation in the workplace, which can positively affect stability and profitability. Essentially, a diverse talent pool indicates that the business is tapping into the abilities and talents of the entire population. With the workforce data at Revelio Labs, you can see which companies meet gender or ethnicity diversity targets.

The team at Revelio Labs uses statistical research to anticipate lags and remove sampling bias in reporting. The result is a comprehensive understanding of workforce dynamics. You can uncover critical insights that go beyond what was discussed here using these powerful predictors.

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