When looking to get rid of tough stains, always look to non-traditional cleaning methods. Going for this route will serve you and your home well. This indeed is something to think about when considering non-toxic cleaning options in Utah.

As Nature Pro Cleaning’s John Warehime once said, “Chemical-free methods clean your home effectively and leave your home smelling fresh.” In this article, we’ll discuss a few great ways you can clean tough stains without the use of chemicals. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Norwex Cleaning Methods Clean Even The Deepest Of Stains

Far too often, people assume that using chemicals will get rid of tough stains without a problem. Over time, you could actually be developing them over time on surfaces. That’s why you need to consider Norwex microfiber cleaning methods for your stain removal needs.

Norwex cleaning methods actually work to attract stains, dirt, grease, and moisture. This will actually leave the surfaces clean compared to the usual cotton cloths.  Once these particles are in the wet Norwex microfiber, the micro silver within it works with the self-purification agents against any germs, fungi, and mold within 24 hours. All of this makes Norwex cleaning methods a powerful stain removal.

Hot Water Extraction Helps Achieve Quality Cleanliness

Whether you’re looking for carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning options, hot water extraction will benefit you greatly. Hot water extraction is a great way to remove stains and dirt from surfaces. The best part is that this method uses no chemicals to get the job done compared to other cleaning methods.

The way this method works is that professional cleaners first use a cleaning agent to break up the soil. After that, hot water is sprayed onto the fibers and is extracted instantly to clean the fibers and remove stains and soil. This makes hot water extraction a popular stain removal method for both carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Essential Oils Help Freshen Up Your Home

Are you looking to get rid of tough stains while giving your home a fresh, all-natural smell? If that fits your profile, then using essential oils for your cleaning needs are ideal for you. Essential oils are very good at dissolving even the deepest of stains and dirt. On top of that, it also helps make your home a safe, fresh-smelling environment.

Essential oils are also great at killing off fungi, bacteria, and viruses from any surface. In addition, it also works to kill off pests and rodents which makes it an all-natural exterminator. Without a doubt, this makes it an ideal stain removal option for carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. On top of that, it is also great for other uses too.

Non-Toxic Methods Are Best For Your Stain Removal Needs

Without question, going with non-toxic cleaning methods will benefit you greatly when it comes to your stain removal needs. In the end, your home will be fresher, cleaner, and brighter by going with chemical-free options. This is indeed something to think about when choosing all-natural cleaning services in Utah like that of Nature Pro Cleaning.

By going with high-quality stain removal methods for your upholstery or carpet cleaning needs, your home or business will have cleanliness that will last a long time. You will also have the pleasure of enjoying that fresh, natural smell.

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