Are you a reseller or service provider looking to make the switch to a better phone system? When exploring your options, you’ll want the best digital tools that best help you improve your business workflows. That’s why you want to select VoIP phone distributors to help make the switch to VoIP an easy process.

As they say at NTS Direct, “Hosted VoIP helps you integrate voice with other channels. It also gives you advanced Private Branch Exchange (PBE) features without having to deal with setup costs.” 

Today, we’ll talk about a few tips on how to convert your landline phone into a top-quality VoIP system.

Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Strong Enough For VoIP

When it comes to VoIP, voice data goes through the internet to phone networks. This makes having a fast and stable internet connection that crucial. It’s advised that you have a wired broadband connection with at least 100 kbps (or 0.1 Mbps) per line. For 20 lines, it should be at least 2 Mbps.

Keep in mind that both download and upload speeds need to meet this threshold. You’ll want to run VoIP speed tests to see if your connection is fast enough. If not,  you’ll need to upgrade your internet before making the switch over to VoIP.

Check To See If Network Infrastructure Is VoIP Ready

Having an updating network infrastructure is vital to ensuring success with the VoIP switch. Even if you have enough bandwidth, your network hardware may not be ready for VoIP. If you currently use a wireless router or use more than one router, you’ll need to make some changes.

Plug Each Phone Into The Network Switch

VoIP works best when it’s wired directly into a router or switch setup. That’s why you’ll want to plug each phone into the network switching using ethernet cables. These switches will then connect with the router for faster and more intelligent network performance. For small businesses, a gigabit ethernet switch like NTS Direct’s Link Jetstream 8-Port Gigabit L2 is ideal.

Use A VLAN Configuration

Larger offices not only will need a switch but they’ll also need a Virtual LAN (VLAN) This helps segment the network by MAC addresses in an organized way. On top of that, it helps improve device performance and lowers network congestions.

Layered routers can affect VoIP calls and cause technical issues. This makes using a switch that vital to handle VoIP traffic. 

Avoid Using A “Double NAT”

What using a “Double NAT” means is when you connect a router behind another which creates two separate networks. Engaging in this practice will interfere with your ability to establish reliable phone calls. Crucial functions in the SIP protocol need the router to allow traffic from your VoIP provider. For this reason, you should avoid using a “Double NAT”.

Select A VolP Hardware That Best Fits Your Needs

When choosing among VoIP phone distributors, you must also consider VolP hardware that best fits your needs. Here are two VoIP hardware options that are designed to fulfill different types of needs.

VoIP Phones

VoIP phones are one of the best options for your office. With this type of VoIP hardware, you’ll be able to keep the desk phone set up. VoIP phones like the Yealink SIP-119P E2 are an ideal choice for businesses with headset capabilities. In addition to that, it’s also wall-mountable.

VoIP Adapters

If you’re looking to modernize your current analog phones or PBX setup, then VoIP adapters are an ideal solution. Adapters like the TP-Link T1500-28PCT can power many PoE-compliant devices like IP cameras and VoIP phones. This type of adapter can draw enough network power to eliminate the need for standalone power.

Make Sure Your Staff Is Trained To Handle VoIP

Any changes that come to the workplace will come with stress. New systems like VoIP are no exception. That’s why you’ll need to train key staff members in the new software and hardware. Work to implement a training program before you announce the date that you’ll be making the switch to VoIP.

Make sure your IT managers know how the new equipment works with the network. Also, you’ll want your data analysts and managers to be familiar with analytics and CRM. If you’re an enterprise, you’ll need to figure out how this impacts your IT team structure. This will help you decide whether or not you’ll need to appoint a manager for the VoIP system.

Choose VoIP Phones Distributors For A Smooth Transition To VoIP

When making big changes like these, you must have the right equipment in place. More importantly, you’ll also need to have the right plan in place. That way, your firm will be prepared as you transition to a VoIP system.

As you consider VoIP phone distributors like NTS Direct, always keep these four tips in mind. Your business workflow will greatly improve and you’ll be able to grow your business in the end.

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