Are you looking to decide whether you and your family should go camping or glamping? While each has its similarities, there are key differences that can impact your choice for your next outdoor getaway. Regardless, the campgrounds near Crater Lake bring you some of the most enchanting adventures. 

As they say at Crater Lake Resort, “Choosing whether to camp or glamp comes down to what kind of outdoor Crater Lake experience you prefer.”

Today, we’ll discuss what glamping is and the factors that might affect whether you choose one over the other.

What Is Glamping?

Glampingis essentially a more fancy way of camping. It combines the glamorous comforts of home with the exposure of getting outdoors and camping. While glamping isn’t mainstream yet, it still provides you with a unique way to experience the outdoors. You’ll also get to enjoy five-star comfort while spending time out in nature.

Key Differences Between Camping And Glamping

The campgrounds near Crater Lake are home to a diverse range of spacious tent sites and glamping tents. As you decide between camping and glamping, you’ll want to be aware of their differences. That way, you’ll be able to have an enjoyable Crater Lake adventure.

Here are some key aspects to think about as you decide which outdoor experience best suits you.

Amount Of Amenities

Camping trips are mainly measured on their roughness, while glamping trips are measured on their comfort.  The amenities glamping includes are made to make your stay fun and relaxing. Many glamping hotspots near Crater Lake include fun activities like zip-lining, hiking trails, fishing, hunting, museums, and train rides.

Not only that, but you’ll have access to bathrooms, showers, laundry rooms, and charging stations. For your children, you’ll have free access to playgrounds, large tree swing sets, and kid-sized bicycles for them to enjoy. This sure is a big difference when comparing it to regular camping.

If you’re someone who prefers this type of uniqueness, then you should look into glamping.

Sleeping Space

Your outdoor sleeping preference is also something to contemplate. This means looking for sleeping space options such as where you want to sleep in and on. When you’re camping, you’ll likely be sleeping in a sleeping bag with a pad underneath or on a hammock.

Glamping provides you with a more comfortable sleeping experience. There are places that provide you queen-sized beds with pillows to sleep on.

One concern newer campers have is how cold it gets at night. Many glamping sites address this by providing you with the right blankets. This helps keep you warm and gives you the best comfort.


Perhaps the biggest difference between camping and glamping is the accommodations of each. Camping usually involves setting up a tent.

Glamping accommodations, on the other hand, involve cotton canvas tents. They are great options because they’re durable, breathable, and can withstand harsh weather conditions during your stay.

Many glamping sites also come with completely stocked kitchens and appliances to prepare meals. This helps save you the trouble of having to pack cooking supplies and equipment compared to regular camping.

Enjoy Your Preferred Outdoor Experience At The Campgrounds Near Crater Lake

Whether you prefer camping or glamping, always be aware of what each option provides. That way, you’ll make the best choice for yourself and enjoy your stay at the campgrounds near Crater Lake.

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