The United Kingdom ranks as the 6th largest economy around the globe. The country attracts millions of immigrants to establish lucrative business ventures. Getting the proper documentation to establish an enterprise in the UK can be a daunting task. Choosing to work with a UK immigration lawyer is prudent since it culminates in a successful process.

Ways a UK Immigration Lawyer Assists Foreigners Establish Business

Overseas companies might decide to expand into the United Kingdom, and foreigners should embark on such thriving markets with an executed plan. Regardless of the industry, there are requirements for owning a company in the UK.

Yes, non-residents need legal counsel from experienced immigration services to attain their business objectives. Read on to understand the four ways a UK immigration lawyer can help during business establishment.

1. Work Visa Application

Work visa applications can be pricey and time-consuming, and applications for work visas can be declined due to failure to meet certain conditions. Some foreigners could apply for the wrong visa and end up getting rejected.

To ensure proper compliance, you should consult an immigration attorney before submitting your application. They are conversant with the united kingdom’s visitors laws and provide potential clients with the right services to acquire a work visa.

A lawyer can assist in filling paperwork and attaching the correct documents and applications. For example, if your business meets certain criteria, you can apply for an Innovator Visa, but if specific requirements are not met, you will need to consider other options. Non-residents should always consult an expert for advice about immigration law, to better understand which application they should pursue.

2. Sponsor Licence Application

Companies that need to transfer workers from foreign countries to the UK require a sponsor license, and the application process can be lengthy and complicated. As per UK laws, businesses should adhere to rules upon acquiring the permit. An immigration attorney can answer all questions regarding sponsor license acquisition.

A skilled lawyer will assist in creating documents, such as a covering letter for the sponsor’s license. Companies might also need to attach annual accounts for legibility. A liability insurance certificate is necessary to finalize the process. An attorney can navigate the system and obtain such paperwork.

3. Global Talent Visa Application and Renewal

A Global Talent Visa is slightly different from a work visa. Businesses in technology, research, TV, art, and culture can apply for a Global Talent Visa. Application fees and eligibility differ based on the country of residence, and companies should adhere to the dos and don’ts.

An immigration lawyer can guide an individual through the application. If businesses want to review complex terms and conditions, an attorney can help them. Upon visa expiry, a lawyer can help foreign companies renew them as per the rules.

4. Representative of an Overseas Business Visa Application

Before starting an enterprise in the UK, a visit might be vital to ensure everything is in order. A company can send the top employee to set up an office, and a sole representative visa is mandatory for entrepreneurs who intend to set up a branch in the UK.

An immigration attorney can collaborate with the employee during the visa application process. This professional will enlighten the chosen representative about requirements and other expenses. Licenses and taxes are elements a lawyer can talk about with the representative.

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