The goal of wedding videographers and photographers is to tell the story of your special day. While similar in practice, each has unique experiences in their respective mediums. These professionals have varied ideas and personalities, and they both want to capture the perfect shots, sometimes leading to crowding. You should have careful planning sessions with your videographer and photographer well in advance for best results. Couples in the pacific northwest should consider both Seattle wedding videography and photography for peace of mind.

Seattle Wedding Videography: 5 Ways a Photographer and Videographer Can Work Together

Brides can hire a videographer and photographer from the same company, or separate organizations to document their weddings. In either case, these experts should collaborate for the client’s good. A videographer and photographer can quickly get in each other’s way during the shoot without a good plan in place.

Here are five ways a photographer and videographer can work together.

1.    Communication Matters

Communication between a videographer and photographer ensures a smooth process. These two professionals should talk about how they intend to cover a wedding. They should agree on the ideal spots to avoid clashing with each other.

A planning meeting helps clear out any misunderstandings and lays out the specific responsibilities of each crew. One person can be the head of the shoot to make the activity less stressful. A client can decide that a videographer captures specific moments.

2.    Collaboration

A client sets goals for a videographer and photographer for a successful shoot. These two experts can become creative and develop practical ideas. They will know where the couple is and when to alternate their duties.

A videographer and photographer can join forces to capture wedding vows without overpowering each other. An integrated shot list fosters collaboration between the two experts. No moment will be missed with a good partnership and mastery of each expert’s role and schedule.

3.    Appreciation and Respect

Wedding videography and photography can be slightly different, but they have the same intentions. This duo can work together when respect prevails. If your two storytellers have not worked together in the past, ask them to bring portfolios to your planning meeting. 

Reviewing someone’s excellent work lays a foundation of admiration. These experts will be friendly and professional at the same time.

4.    Companies Play a Role

Couples can decide to hire a videographer and photographer from one or separate companies. Hiring a team from one organization can make the wedding shoot trouble-free. Independent experts can find it difficult to partner if they have varied styles.

A videographer and photographer from the same company will come prepared for the job. They will have all the information for the wedding beforehand and work towards the primary goal.

5.    Conduciveness

A videographer and photographer may each have preferred conditions. If one needs to shoot with natural light, help them identify perfect areas. The other expert might go for artificial lighting to record fantastic videos. Facilitating the two specialists ensures excellent graphics.

These experts also need space to do their jobs. Micromanaging them will only create tension and stress and jeopardize the day. 

Couples can rely on Sound Originals for Seattle wedding videography and photography. The professionals will work jointly to capture memorable moments on your big day.

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