Are you craving authentic Mexican cuisine but don’t know where to find it? Or want to hold a party but can’t find the right Mexican food truck for parties? If so, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll be giving you tips on finding the best Mexican cuisine. Let’s get started!

First, Do Your Research

Not all dishes presented as Mexican dishes are authentic. To know the difference, it’s essential first to understand what Mexican cuisine entails.

Contrary to popular belief, Mexican cuisine isn’t similar to Spanish cuisine. Some of their dishes share the same names, but their preparation methods are different.

A good example is a tortilla. Spanish tortillas contain eggs, potatoes, and onions. Mexican tortillas contain corn or flour.

Mexican tortillas are also referred to as quesadillas or taco shells, depending on their size and method of preparation. To differentiate, you’ll need to understand some of the terms used to describe Mexican dishes.

Knowing the main differences between the two cuisines will keep you from falling prey to inauthentic food sellers. You don’t want to promise guests or your loved ones Mexican cuisine only to deliver Spanish cuisine.

Understand the Ingredients Used in Mexican Cuisine

There are hundreds of ingredients used in this cuisine and it can be challenging to remember them all. But there are essential ingredients to keep in mind as they’ll be in at least one dish.

One of them is the chili pepper. Chili peppers are almost synonymous with Mexican cuisine as they’re in nearly all dishes.

Their taste varies from mild for non-chili lovers to hot for food lovers who enjoy fiery meals. Some of the most common chili peppers include:

  • Poblano chili
  • Guajillo chili
  • Ancho chili
  • Jalapeño chili
  • Pequin chili
  • Habanero chili

Be sure to ask about the kind of chili used in each new dish before trying it. There’s nothing worse than choosing a dish that’s too fiery only to start sweating after the first bite. That can destroy your Mexican cuisine experience.

Other popular ingredients include corn, beans, rice, and avocado. An authentic cuisine incorporates at least one of these ingredients.

Choose the Right Chef

You’ll come across many chefs claiming to deliver quality Mexican cuisine. But unfortunately, not all of them can provide authentic dishes. You need to be careful when choosing one.

Consider a chef’s knowledge. Are they of Mexican heritage? Or have they practiced under chefs with Mexican heritage?

Remember, many Mexican cuisines are passed on within families. Big brands have tried to replicate authentic dishes and failed. It’d be best to focus on chefs with ties to the Mexican heritage.

Find a Reliable Mexican Food Truck for Parties

Choosing the right chef is not enough if you’re throwing a party. You’ll also need to find the right Mexican food truck for parties to cater your event. What factors should you consider?

The first factor to consider is the type of event you’re holding. Find a truck with experience providing food for your specific type of event.

Next, you’ll need to consider a truck’s area of operation. Focus on caterers in your local area before going national. Local trucks are more dependable and affordable.

Lastly, you’ll need to consider a food truck’s hygiene. Look elsewhere if your chosen truck doesn’t meet your cleanliness standards. You don’t want your guests complaining of food poisoning after your party.

Ready to Enjoy Authentic Mexican Cuisine?

Finding quality Mexican cuisine can be a daunting task. But, you’ll find the process easier now that you know how to assess authenticity.

Take time to learn the different Mexican dishes and core ingredients. This way, you’ll have an easy time differentiating authentic and inauthentic cuisines.

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