LinkedIn plays a different role to other social media platforms. Yes, it allows you to reach new potential customers, but it also does more than that. When you create a LinkedIn company page and connect to your employees, you show the human side of your brand. Plus, the platform is ideal for finding new talent to grow your business.

Step 1: Create a LinkedIn Profile

Before you can create a company page for LinkedIn, you need a personal profile. Use your real first and last name for this. Then, start adding people you know to your network straight away (including other people at your business). Too few connections will mean that you are unable to create a company page.

Step 2: Set Up a Company Page

On your personal account, click the Work icon in the top right corner (it’s the one made up of nine dots). Next, choose the option “Create Company Page” from the list that appears.

Pick a name and a URL — it’s best to make them match to improve the chances that users will find you, although the URL needs to be unique whereas the name does not. To finish the setup, you’ll need to have confirmed the email address associated with your account.

Step 3: Publish Your Company Page

Before you can publish your page, you must write a description of your business using between 250 and 2000 characters. You’ll also need to link to your company website. Finally, you should add several images: your business logo, a banner image, and a career banner image. Make sure that all of these are the right dimensions.

The next steps you take will depend on what you want to gain from your company page. Whatever your goals, you’ll want to post regular updates to attract followers and keep them interested. However, you may also like to use sponsored content to widen your reach or even set up a career page to connect with top talent.

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