It’s tough finding candidates when your company has highly technical and specialized positions to fill. That’s why many organizations work with specialty chemical recruiters. You need to ensure the right person for the job is recruited because hiring mistakes are costly. Here are some tips for finding your next unicorn.

Key Traits to Look For

Employers must find the best talents as markets become more competitive. The most talented candidates tend to display the following characteristics.

  • The person can produce a record or proof of top performance in similar roles.
  • The person has a creative and inventive mindset.
  • The candidate is adaptable to change and solution-oriented.
  • The candidate is a decision-maker that follows through.
  • The person can motivate others.

It’s the hiring committee, board, or manager’s job to identify these traits through interviews and tests. Better employees lead to increased productivity and profit.

Leverage Hiring Technologies

Today, there’s an abundance of helpful tools that can help organizations separate qualified talent from unqualified candidates. You can leverage these tools to spot candidates with the qualities required to help your brand excel.

For example, there are many tools that can help HR professionals run psychometric tests to examine skills, personality traits, knowledge, etc. These hiring technologies help leaders make informed decisions about candidates fast.

Utilize All Possible Networks

Make use of every network you have at your disposal, starting with your company’s internal networks. Ask current employees for referrals to potential candidates, speak to professional advisors, trusted shareholders, and even vendors that can help.

Don’t forget about job boards or aggregators like Indeed or Monster. A carefully constructed job description that concisely describes the position’s primary responsibilities can attract the right candidates.

Additionally, use social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to find top relevant talent. In the digital era, participating in social networking sites is essential for recruiting.

Offer Competitive Salaries

“Low compensation rate is one of the main reasons organizations struggle to fill available positions. If you want to attract, motivate, and retain the best talents, competitive pay is crucial” – Boaz Partners, Specialty Chemical Recruiters.

Competitive salaries attract talented leaders and can encourage people to stick around long-term. If your organization cannot offer competitive wages, consider offering enticing benefits, such as stock options and excellent medical, among others, to compensate. Nevertheless, it’s better to pay people well because it can cost double the previous annual amount paid to re-fill the position if an employee leaves.

Differentiate Your Company

Try to differentiate your brand from the competition in ways that can help you attract and retain top talent. For example, you can cultivate a well-known reputation that gives your brand advantage. Or develop relationships with specialty chemical recruiters, so it’s easier to reach the kind of talent your company requires.

All in all, leadership or employee recruiting for the specialties chemicals industry is different from the average hiring process. You must apply advanced recruiting methods to recruit the best people for available positions. Those that have the required skills, knowledge and want to build a career.

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