Have you been mulling purchasing a generator for your home? That is one of those purchases you might not need to use for quite some time, but when that time comes, you will be thanking your lucky stars for having the wisdom to arrange for a generator installation before a natural disaster strikes your area.

It is fine to remain optimistic about the likelihood of a disaster or unfortunate weather event to knock your household or business off the grid. But it is quite another to stick your head in the sand and deny your own reality.

If you have hedged on arranging for a generator installation, consider the following three cases where homeowners were very grateful for their foresight in installing a generator in their homes.

Hurricane Zeta’s Winds Uprooted Trees and Lives

When the powerful Category 2 Hurricane Zeta slammed into New Orleans in October of 2020, the direct hit left millions of people in Louisiana and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast without power for weeks. 

In a region where the heat and humidity can linger well into November, those residents who had generators simply flipped a switch to continue enjoying their air-conditioned comfort after the storm’s wrath took down power lines all over the area. They were able to take hot showers, cook normally, and enjoy refrigerated food when others had to deal with hand fans and ice chests.

Early Snowfall Breaks Montana Records

Back in September, when most of the country was still enjoying warm and temperate autumn weather, the residents of Great Falls, Montana were stocking up for a snowstorm. Then, the following month delivered a record-setting snowfall. 

The third, 27-inch snowfall was accompanied by strong winds, which left many in and around Great Falls without power. You can bet that those with a generator chugging along were warm and cozy despite the freezing wintry conditions affecting their less-prepared neighbors.

California Power Shut Off as Precaution

Autumn is fire season on the West Coast. In October, approximately 361,000 Pacific Gas & Electric customers in Northern California lost power due to a voluntary shut-off by the utility company in order to reduce the risk of the devastating wildfires spreading further across that part of the Golden State.

No one can fault a utility company for these risk-reduction efforts, but having a generator installation already in place can certainly improve the quality of your family’s lives during inevitable emergency conditions.

Generator Installation Makes the Hard Times Easier

You may not be able to dodge every inclement weather disaster, but you can do all in your power to protect yourself and your family from the worst effects of storms and power outages.

As the generator installation professionals at Virginia Power Solutions opined, “Backup generators enable residents living in storm-ravaged areas to monitor the latest weather updates and news.” That feature alone can be a lifesaver if one is in the path of a tornado, wildfire, or other impending life-threatening events.

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