Small Joys Increase Resilience

We’re living in difficult times, and lots of folks are having trouble adapting to the changes caused by the pandemic and the fact that life seems irretrievably altered. The line between work and home has blurred for many, and the political climate is full of tensions. Social media is no escape because everybody is in the same boat. When Better […]

How To Set Up A LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn plays a different role to other social media platforms. Yes, it allows you to reach new potential customers, but it also does more than that. When you create a LinkedIn company page and connect to your employees, you show the human side of your brand. Plus, the platform is ideal for finding new talent to grow your business. Step […]

Top 3 Issues of a Contested Divorce

Divorce is complicated. It’s often messy. The general rule is that the more assets and items that a couple acquires, the more challenging it will be to divide the spoils of the marriage. While some divorces are uncontested and free of acrimony, far more are contested courtroom battles where the two spouses slug it out. It doesn’t have to be […]